Host and quickly share your sports videos

with target groups, teams, parents, leagues, coaches and officials

  • Number of videos: unlimited*
  • Video sources: Of all origins & coming from as many devices as you want
  • Video storage period: 12 months, renewable
  • Number of groups or teams for sharing: unlimited
  • Maximum number of users invited to share your videos with: 100
  • Invited users can download shared videos: yes, for free

* as long as the total duration does not exceed 500 hours in HD (720p) / ~250 hours in FullHD (1080p)

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Yearly plan - save 20%

$/€39 per month

$/€468 yearly payment
Automatic renewal
Tax excluded


Monthly plan

$/€49 per month

Automatic renewal
Tax excluded


How does it work?

Capture and share your videos from several sources

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Prices can be adjusted with a one-month notice