Terms of Use

Welcome to CLOUD.MOVE 'N SEE, a service provided by MOVE'N SEE

Congratulations! You are about to use the simplest and most efficient platform for hosting and sharing videos! Please be sure to read the terms of use carefully, as they describe our contract and tell you who we are.

Nature of the service

The Service enables users to host videos, create sharing groups and invite contacts to watch them. Hosted videos can be sourced from your own camera or smartphone, from PIXLIVE, WIDE ANGLE, PIXIO & PIXEM or PIX4TEAM.

PIX4TEAM specific use

You can host videos filmed automatically by a PIX4TEAM robot-camera on the CLOUD.MOVE 'N SEE service. You can start downloading these videos directly from the PIX4TEAM Remote application on the App Store or Google Play PIX4TEAM Remote application

Number of contacts

You can invite up to 100 contacts to watch your videos hosted on CLOUD.MOVE 'N SEE. Your contacts can freely connect to the service as a "guest". Your guest contacts can download your shared videos for free, without any restrictions. You can create as many groups as you want to manage these contacts.

Number of videos

You can host and share as many videos as you like, but the total duration should not exceed 500 hours of video in HD resolution (720p), that also correspond to approximatively 250 hours in FullHD resolution (1080p). Videos remain hosted on CLOUD.MOVE 'N SEE during 12 months after the uplaod date. One month before the deletion date and as long as your subscription remains active, you will be able to renew this period.

Who is MOVE 'N SEE

MOVE 'N SEE is a French company offering products and services worldwide.

MOVE 'N SEE - 15 Rue Johannes Kepler - 29200 Brest, FRANCE SARL with a capital of 99173 Euros, RCS 531299246 in Brest, VAT FR55531299246

Telephone: +33 9 70 75 13 15, e-mail: contact@movensee.com

Licenses granted to you

You own and keep intellectual property rights on the content you post You authorize MOVE 'N SEE to:

  • Play videos for contacts to whom you have shared them with (directly or via a group of invited users) ;
  • Transcode videos to compressed versions optimized for the Service ;
  • Generate thumbnails from your videos or edit them for presentation purposes ;
  • Use your name, trademarks, logos or other identifiers that you use in your account profile for public display. You may revoke this authorization by deleting your account.

All licenses granted to you are non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty-free. Any failure by MOVE 'N SEE to comply with any term of these terms will result, at most, in a claim for breach of contract only. All licenses granted under these terms are in addition to any other licenses granted to you.

Who can use the service

You must be over 16 years of age to create an account and over 18 for commercial use of the service.

Authorized / prohibited video content and user behavior

You are responsible for all activities that occur under your account. Your login and password must remain personal and must not be shared. If any suspicious activity occurs on your account, your password must be changed immediately.

It is forbidden to reproduce or use the source code of the Service. It is forbidden to introduce any malicious program, script or code into the Service. It is forbidden to send an unreasonable number of requests to the servers of the Service and any other actions that could deteriorate the Service.

You may only download content that you have the right to download and share. MOVE 'N SEE will not need to obtain licenses from or pay royalties to any third party.


Any content that violates the law or the copyright of another content as well as any content that is sexual, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, violent, cruel, illegal, or dangerous to health is prohibited. In general, any content that is not related to sport may be deleted by the Service without notice.

Deleting content

Any content that the Service considers objectionable may be deleted without notice.

Suspended or deleted account

Any account found to be in breach of the Agreement may be suspended or deleted by the Service without notice.

Pricing and payment

Pricing for paid services consists of a tacitly renewed monthly or yearly subscription. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time using the tools available in your account. It can be modified at any time using the tools available in your account. Payments are made automatically each month/year using the payment information you provide in your account. No refunds will be made on services purchased.

Limits of use

Limits are subject to change with 30 days' notice. Standard accounts have no limit on the number of videos, shares and views as long as use complies with the paragraph 'Authorized / forbidden video content and user behavior' and the quantity of videos stored is not abusive.

Disclaimer of responsibility

Consumers have rights that cannot be excluded or modified by this Agreement. Beyond this Agreement and legal requirements, MOVE'N SEE provides no specific warranties regarding the Service. For example, no agreement is made regarding: the content provided by the Service, the specifics of the Service, its reliability, availability or ability to meet your needs, or the fact that any content submitted will be accessible and hosted on the service.